JB & The 70s fulfills the need of acoustic/electric music in event venues across the Carolinas and takes live performance to a whole new level with accurate throwback versions reminiscent of the best days of rock history, the 70s. Everything from Neil Young to Al Stewart is covered with a constant flow of audience requests added to the musical repertoire. The band features respected and accomplished musicians including James Bagley, Bradley Michael Green and Matt Hemond. James is the lead guitarist of the national touring Indie act OAMI and a classically trained guitarist with over 23 years of experience in guitar and live performance. Brad is the drummer for popular LA band Forever Vinyl and has spent some time as a session drummer on the West Coast. Matt also spent time on the LA scene developing his seasoned vocal and virtuoso keyboard chops. JB & The 70s utilizes quality instrumentation such as the Fender Rhodes to help bring the sounds and inflections of 70s classic rock. Look for us at a show or event near you!

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Artists covered and/or influenced by:

Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Peter Frampton, Bob Dylan, Rush, Steely Dan, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Dire Straits, America, Neil Young, Yes, Jackson Browne, Traveling Wilburys, Bread, Little River Band, The Beatles, Chicago, David Bowie, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Kansas, Bread, Little River Band


Bass player for The Ya Yas Band and host for Cat’s Hump Day Jam Night at Bourbon Street Alley on JB & THE SEVENTIES.

“Set your time traveling knob to 1972 and close your eyes, let James Bagley and Bradley Green [and Matt Hemond] with JB & THE SEVENTIES take you there. The songs range from well known and loved classics to deep cuts you’ll know if you owned the album. The feeling is free, the sound of James‘ precision picking on a six or twelve string evokes a simpler time when musicians actually wrote and played their songs without all the techie assistance. Bradley’s sharp, clean, stylish drumming lays the foundation, and James‘ crystal vocals raise the spirit of the music to a new height. The band will feature various musicians and instruments at different shows, and each time you’ll feel the real music again. Get out your bell bottoms and love beads, grab onto the hippie next to you and sing along with JB & THE SEVENTIES. They’ll take you back and make it feel new every time.”

Hand Drums/Percussion and Owner of Hickory Happening on JB & THE SEVENTIES

“James Bagley and Bradley Green with JB & THE SEVENTIES take you back to the seventies when times were “cool” and bell bottoms were the norm. The songs they play are really cool renditions of your favorites from the seventies. James Bagley is an extraordinary guitarist on the six or twelve string guitar. Bradley Green has a drumming technique that is clean and so on the money. That combination with James’ voice sounds so good with a vibe that is hard to find. The band showcases different musicians and instruments which allows them to play any tune with ease and precision. When I hear them play, I feel like a teenager again . . . . .You will catch yourself with a smile on your face when you hear them play . . . close your eyes and you are back in time . . . Go there with JB & THE SEVENTIES.”